LSC Living Room

Expansion News and Updates

The Lowman Student Center proudly serves as the Living Room of Sam Houston State University where more than 19,000 students; along with faculty, staff, and off-campus visitors; congregate to participate and learn through developmental experiences and enjoy a diverse atmosphere that fosters a sense of community.


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Ground Breaking June 2017!


*The timeline dates projected here are subject to change. We will strive to provide regular updates to this information.

The new addition and renovation of the Lowman Student Center will be an exciting time for the entire University community because it will add so many new and innovative features to the building. The design is modern and the look will be one that entices our students to relax and enjoy themselves in between classes. It will truly be a Student Center that will have the adaptability to accommodate large and small groups or the informal gatherings of our diverse student population. This building will be the center of all campus life and a place where fond memories of college life will be forged.

-- Mr. Frank Parker, Vice President for Student Affairs

Sam Houston State University’s “living room” on campus facility is about to undergo a major transformation. After well over a decade of campus stakeholders providing input and request for change, the Lowman Student Center is about to embark on a $55 million addition and renovation. Excitement fills the air as the transformation will include a new grand ballroom, games area, bowling alley, new food court and many other student-focused areas. When all is said and done, SHSU’s Lowman Student Center will be one of the premier facilities of its kind. Like all “living rooms”, memories will be made and students will be reminded why they are proud to be a Bearkat.

-- Dr. Keith Jenkins, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs