Join a Student Organization

As Bearkats, involvement, excellence, service and personal development are part of the day to day activities at SHSU. Some groups offer assistance with career enhancement, communication skills, and most importantly they help prepare students for a very competitive world after college, where people skills and experiences gained from service as a proactive member of a student organization are required.

Other benefits include…

Social Networking: The easiest and best way to network with students who have similar interests is joining a student organization. It can help you with your career, hobby or anything that you are passionate about.

Social Skills: As a student you want to learn how to talk and relate with other people from different cultures and countries. Joining an organization provides an opportunity to build some social skills.

Professional experience: If you join professional chapter student organizations, you will be exposed to real world activities and this will be of great advantage to personal development. For instance, if your major is marketing, joining the school’s division of “American Advertising Federation” will help you get a feel of your professional career.

Personality development: If you join a student organization, your communication skills will improve by interacting with different people. You may learn even more if you are on the executive board. You learn to balance education and organizational work, while focusing on your goals.

Leadership Skills: By serving in different roles of organizations, students take on responsibilities or challenges to lead and make a difference in the university community. SHSU and its student organizations provide students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to be a good leader. How are we defining leadership? Visit the Center for Leadership and Service website to learn more.

Alumni Networking: SHSU and student organizations usually bring in alumni and ask them to share their experiences. It is a wonderful opportunity for you learn from seniors who have graduated and get connected to them. It helps you with job searches and mentoring. Opportunities are limitless through alumni networking.

Organization and Management Skills: Many of us are not familiar with how an organization works and how to manage everything. Being a student organization member allows opportunities to learn about fundraising, finances, event promotion and teamwork. The experience helps you in the long run in your future career.

Resume Builder: We all would like to spice up our resume. Remember in high school when your counselor told you that participating in sports and after school events looks good on a school application? The same thing applies to job applications after graduating from SHSU. Being an executive or proactive member of a student organization is a great way to get ahead of your competition.

Friendships and Fun: Life is not just about career and making money. It is about building friendships and living the life you desire. Getting involved on campus provides a chance to meet people and build lasting friendships.

There is a big difference between attending a university and being a part of the university. Unfortunately, a majority of students just use the university as a means to an end, the end being a piece of paper they can frame and use as a direct means to a salary increase. Others, see everything else SHSU and student organizations can provide in addition to our accredited education. So don’t delay and get involved today.