Student Employee Leadership Institute


Sam Houston State University’s Student Employee Leadership Institute (SELI) is a leadership development experience for student employees primarily from the Divisions of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management. Student participants are first nominated by their supervisors, and then invited to apply and interview for an opportunity to be selected to SELI.

SELI takes a career ready focus in developing student employees through intentional learning opportunities that can be applied in life and work. Participants in SELI engage in leadership activities and experiences that they can apply to their role as a student employee and to future leadership opportunities. Students are also paired with a professional staff member in a mentoring relationship during the institute.


SHSU’s Student Employee Leadership Institute aims to develop student employees through intentional learning opportunities related to the work experience.

Learning Outcomes

Through active participation in SELI, students will be able to…

 Knowledge Acquisition/Construction/Integration/Application

  • Create new understandings, related to employment, from learning activities and dialogue with others

Cognitive Complexity

  • Apply previously understood information, concepts, and experiences to a new situation or setting

 Intrapersonal Development

  • Assess, articulate, and acknowledge personal skills, abilities, and growth areas

 Interpersonal Competence

  • Establish healthy, mutually beneficial relationships with others
  • Demonstrate skill in guiding and assisting an individual, group, or organization in meeting its goals

 Humanitarianism & Civic Engagement

  • Demonstrate consideration of others in decision-making and practice

 Practical Competence

  • Recognize the importance of transferable skills
  • Show initiative
  • Make intentional decisions regarding long-term goals and objectives
Institute Schedule

SELI occurs in the spring semester each academic year. In addition to these events and topics, students and mentors meet regularly to discuss additional career ready topics.

Session 1

  • Overview of SELI
  • Icebreakers/Team Building Activities
  • Exploring Leadership
  • Etiquette Lunch
  • StrengthsQuest

Session 2

  • The Big Picture – Understanding Your Role
  • Exploring On-Campus Employment
  • Careers in Higher Education

 Session 3

  • Soft Skills
  • LinkedIn
  • Preparing for work beyond SHSU
  • Resume Review

 Session 4

  • Giving Killer Presentations
  • SELI Review
  • Presentation Prep

Session 5

  • Presentation Prep & Practice

Session 6

  • Celebration of Learning: Group Presentations
  • Dinner

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