Adding a printer for use on the wireless network:

  • Connect to SamNet and autheticate using your SHSU username and password
    • SamNet-Guest will not work for wireless printing
  • Go to

You will be redirected to a site where you can see the printers available.

Mac Wireless Printing Image

Type in the first few letters of the printer you are looking for and search.

Once you locate the printer you need to print to, click on the printer. 

You will want to copy the url listed in the browser once you have selected the printer and note the drivers that will need to be installed on your computer from the manufacturer’s website.

Mac Wireless Printing ImageMac Wireless Printing Image

Go to System Preferences

Print & Fax then use the + to Add printer.

In the toolbar you will see Default, Fax, IP, Windows.

Mac Wireless Printing Image

Right click or Control click next to the icon named Windows and choose Customize Toolbar.

Mac Wireless Printing Image

Drag the Advanced icon onto the main toolbar next to Windows.

Click Done.

Select Advanced.

Mac Wireless Printing Image

Please select the following settings:

Type: Internet Printing Protocol (https)*

*If Internet Printing Protocol (https) is not listed then please install the protocol by downloading the script.


Device: Another Device




Note: For this tutotial, we connected to printer AB1111-1. Please replace this with the printer you are trying to connect to.

Printer Name

Note: If you are using Mountain Lion or an earlier Mac OSX, you do not need to type "?compression=none" immediately after the printer URL.

Print Using: Generic PostScript Printer


Here is what everything should look like once you are done

IPP Settings

After you have selected the required settings please click the “Add” button, installable options will open if there are any to configure (i.e. Duplex Printing), select the check boxes next to the options that you want, then press Continue.

Mac Wireless Printing Image

 Open Print queue and go to Printer and Print test job.

Mac Wireless Printing Image

If the job fails or prints incorrectly you may need to download and install the manufacturer's drivers for the printer from the manufacturer's website as not all printers work with generic drivers.