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Residence Hall Setup: Windows 8

If you have a Windows 8 machine, follow these steps to setup Internet access in your dorm.


Activate the Tiles desktop by pressing the Windows key located between Ctrl and Alt on your keyboard.


Type "Control Panel" and you will see the Windows 8 filter apply and will begin to leave only the Control Panel Option. Once you see it, click it.

Typing Control Panel


Click on Network and Sharing Center

Network Sharing

Click on Change Adapter Settings

Change Adapter


Right click on Ethernet and select Properties

(Note: if you do not have a local area connection present in your network connections then please contact the Service Desk at 936-294-1950.)




After the Properties window opens uncheck the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)



Click on the Internet Protocol Version 4 and then click on the Properties button.



Under the General tab, Obtain an IP Address Automatically and the Obtain DNS server address automatically should both be selected.


ipv4 properties



Manual Registration for Windows 8

If your computer cannot connect to the network after checking these properties, you need to perform a manual registration. You need to obtain the physical address of your computer, to do this follow the steps below.

Go to the Tile Desktop and type "Command Prompt"

Click Command Prompt

Type Command Prompt


In the Command Prompt type in ipconfig /all and press Enter



Locate the section that says Ethernet Adapter Ethernet and write down the Physical Address of your computer.

IP Settings


You will need to go to on a computer with internet access, such as at the computer lab. You will enter your Username, Password, MAC (Physical) Address, and Agree to the Terms.

Windows 7 Net Reg 12