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Creating a Webpage in WebCMS

SHSU Technology Tutorials | WebCMS | Creating a Website

Creating the PageCreate a new website in WebCMS

  • Navigate to the Website Tab
  • Find the folder where you want to place this new website
  • Right-click
  • Select New
  • Select HTML Page



Basic Properties advanced properties

  • Give your page a title
  • If the folder is not filled or is incorrect, select cancel
  • Page URL will be automatically generated for you
  • Select a template from the lists
    • This will generate your new page with the same layout as an already existing page


Advanced PropertiesWebsite Properties in WebCMS

  • Show on Menu is not enabled at this time.
  • Friendly Name is the title that appears above the address bar on your browser or in search results.
  • Redirect is used to send traffic to another page, e.a., when a new page is created to replace old content.
  • Check HTTPS Required if you want the page to be behind a SSL (usually used when you are collecting sensitive information via a form)
  • SEO Description is a one to three sentence description of the content of your page, used in search results.
  • SEO Keywords are words or phrases, separated by commas, that a user might enter in a search engine to find your content.
  • Metadata can be ignored

Saving and Publishing

To save your webpage, click Save

  • Your webpage will not be published to the server

To publish your web page, click Save and Publish

  • Your website will now be viewable