Remote Desktop Connection - iPhone and iPad

Download a remote desktop application from the App Store. For this guide, we're using the free app, iRdesktop.


Open the application and select New at the top left of the screen.

Start new connection

You should see a screen like this.

new connection

Give this server a name to identify it for future logins. For this guide, we're using SHSU.

name server

Where it says Edit Hostname, type in

name server

Then, enter your SHSU username and password.

enter username and password

In the Domain field, type SHSU.

type in domain name

Tap on Save.

The app will take you back to the main app home page where your log-in information will be saved.

tap on server log-in

Tap on SHSU and you should be taken to the blue remote desktop page. Tap on OK.

Click ok

You are now successfully logged in to your desktop remotely.

You'll see your desktop