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Archiving Your Email

The Archive folder will allow you to save e-mails to a folder that does not count against your standard SHSU e-mail quota.

The quota for the Online Archive is 5 GB.

If you wish to use this archive feature all you have to do is drag an email from your inbox to the archive folder.

Archive Folder

To create a new folder in the online archive, simply right click on the Online Archive folder and select New Folder.

Name the folder whatever you like

New Archive Folder

If you click on the arrow next to the Online Archive folder, it will expand and show all of your folders. If you do not see this arrow, then you do not have any additional folders in the Online Archive.

Expand Archive Folders

Once you have set up the folder, you can right-click on any e-mail in your inbox and select Move, then More.

Move to Archive

A pop up will appear. Navigate to the Online Archive folder to move the selected item.

 Move to Archive

Click Move once you have selected the proper folder.