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Requesting an (Online) Marketplace Store


  1. Utilize the IT@Sam work order system (accessible through MySam) to submit the appropriate work order requesting creation of an online store. Initially, you will need to provide only a few pieces of basic information including your contact information.
  2. Once the work order is submitted, the assigned IT resource will send to you a spreadsheet to collect more detailed information. Please see Appendix A for a sample spreadsheet.
  3. Fill out the spreadsheet and attach it to the work order. The assigned IT resource will then review the spreadsheet for completeness and forward the documentation to the Bursars Office for review and follow up.
    Note: Whether you currently have an online store or are otherwise processing payments or are a new user, the Bursars Office will contact you to ensure you understand the financial policies and fiscal responsibilities associated with hosting an online store.
  4. The Bursar’s Office, IT@Sam, and TouchNet will coordinate creating your merchant and the initial administrative portion of your account, hence the (up to) fifteen business day turnaround. This may include research into products that should be taxed (or not) as well as other accounting verification.
  5. Once your merchant has been created, you will be contacted to schedule training sessions to build your store. IT@Sam trainers will walk you through the process and assist with technical questions as needed. You will be responsible for developing and maintaining your store(s).

Note: You are required to build and test your store in a TEST environment before you will be given access to the PRODUCTION (live) environment.

Before Getting Started…

Stores are set up by Merchant Managers. Before setting up a new store, the Merchant Manager should have considered how the store will be configured. Some items to consider include:


  • What name should be displayed for the store?
  • Who will be the store manager? Who will be the store contact, if different from the manager?
  • What will be the store's return policy? (Returns are not processed through Marketplace or TouchNet, but rather through the SHSU Controller’s Office/Accounting.)
  • What wording will you use for the store's various e-mail messages?
  • What images will you use? Where will you file your online-store-specific images?
  • Consider the details of your products: prices, taxes, shipping methods, etc.