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Marketplace Reports


Marketplace ReportsTo view and run reports for your store(s), select Marketplace Reports, Stores, and then your store. You will only see those stores for which you have access.

Depending on your role (and therefore access level), you can run some or all of the following reports:

  • By Product
  • By Stock No.
  • By Product Type
  • Totals
  • Buyer Information
  • Recurring Payment
  • GL Exception Report

Select the appropriate report, set the date range, and then select View.

Next, select Export to CSV to download your report into an Excel document.

Note: It might be helpful to create a report to which you can add subsequent entries. Specifically, the Excel file created by Marketplace downloads with no formatting. If, however, you have set up a report with custom, formatted headers, you can simply add transactions from subsequent transactions to your “master” report and not lose any customized formatting.

If you need assistance with Excel report formatting, please refer to the IT@Sam online tutorials or contact the Service Desk (4-HELP) for training opportunities.

A note about timing: Marketplace reports are in real time; transactions are batch downloaded overnight and should be in the appropriate Banner accounts the next day; and Cognos reports are one day behind Banner. So, for example, a transaction made in Marketplace on a Tuesday should be in your Banner account on Wednesday, and available through the appropriate Cognos report on Thursday.