Saving Data to S Drive - Mac

Macintosh Workstation have local Home drives, which means that the files and data stored on the desktop, etc., will not follow you from Mac to Mac or to a Windows machine.  To ensure that the files you need are available anywhere you log in, you will need to save those files to your S drive. To find your S drive, go to your desktop menu, click Go and then select Computer.


You will then be presented with a window that shows all drives connected to your account. There will be a "common" drive, which is the T drive. There will be a Macintosh HD, which is the local workstation. Next, you will see Network, which allows you to see other Macs on the network. Last, there will be a Users$ drive, which is your S drive. You will need to double-click on Users$, then double-click on the folder that is your username.


You can copy and paste or save files directly to this drive as you would anywhere else on your workstation.

If you have saved files to your Home Drive on the workstation, you copy or move those files by going back to your desktop and click on Go and then select Home.


You will then be presented with a window that will show you the contents of your Home Drive.  You can copy and paste the files as normal.