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DOCS05MG - Document Imaging

To open DOCS05MG visit the Miscellaneous section of the SamMenu and expand the GUI programs section then double-click the DOCS05MG Document Imaging program.


document image

Now we come to the actual document imaging portion of our training. The program interface for document imaging is simple; it only has four buttons! From the main DOCS05MG screen you have the option to Scan, Index, View/Search or Exit.

Scan – Allows you to select a category and scan documents.

Index – Allows you to save information about document into the system.

View/Search – Allows you to view and search for document based indexes.

Exit – exits the program and return to SamMenu.


The Scan Button - Document Scanning

After you click Scan, you will then see the drop-down box labeled Category that contains a list of all the categories into which you have permissions to scan a category filter and a series of buttons.

The Add button allows for the addition of files (PDF) already on your computer to your selected category.

The Scan Button



Select the Category and press the Scan button.


Be sure to select the appropriate options: Number of pages per document (or in the document if only scanning one), duplex etc. You can also skip selecting the number of pages per document and choose the Scan until marked complete checkbox and the program will continue to scan all pages to 1 document until the user selects Complete Document.

**Note: The Document Type pull down menu allows you to select from four different options:

  • 'Text (Black / White)'
  • 'Text (GreyScale)' - 125dpi
  • 'Text/Image (Color)' - 200dpi
  • 'High Quality (Color)' - 300dpi

These options give you the flexibility for different types of documents, while helping to keep the amount of space need for them down.


 Indexing Documents

  1. All categories should require at least one index in most cases.
  2. A document is not complete until all required indices have a value.
  3. Select the Index button from the main DOCS05MG window.
  4. From the next window select the Category you are working with and choose the Update List button.

The list box is now populated with all documents that do not have the required indexes completed.




Choose one of the available records to modify its information and view the image. On the right is a copy of the image saved, and on the left is information available about the image. For this particular category, Semester & Year are Required. Once the Save button is hit, you will be returned to the previous screen.

Upon further review you will notice that there is a default Description text area that can be used. This area can be used to describe what the user is viewing. The Comments button allows other users to make comments as information about the file is updated.

When you are returned to the previous screen you can continue to select and save information for each record listed that needs indexing. When you select Update List it will remove the entries that you have updated.



View/Search Documents

Select the View/Search button on the DOCS05MG window.

You can then search by the document Entry Sam ID (the user who scanned in the document) or the index you associated with the documents. You can also sort how the results are displayed.

View and Search