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Document Imaging/Management: Category Management

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DOCS01MG - Document Management Category Manager

To open DOCS01MG visit the Miscellaneous section of the SamMenu and expand the GUI programs section then double-click the DOCS01MG Document Management Category Manager program.


The Category Maintenance program allows you to create and modify categories that you can associate with your scanned documents.

Note: When you run the Category Maintenance program it will display a list of all the categories you have created.


Creating New Categories

  1. Select the Category Title text box.
  2. Type in the new category name.
  3. Click the Add button.

Modifying Existing Categories

  1. Select the category you would like to edit.
  2. Modify the category Name
  3. Use the Modify button.

New Categories

Adding Indexes

Adding Indexes to a category lets you add different ways to search the particular category. For example, adding a SamID index to a category would permit you to scan a document into that particular category, and prompt you to put in the User’s SamID. Thereafter, you could search within that category for the Index or SamID that you assigned.

  1. Select the category to which you would like to add an Index.
  2. Use the Indexes Available drop-down box to select the index you want.
  3. Determine whether the index should be required, and use the Required checkbox.
  4. Now use the > button to add the index to your category.

Adding Indexes


Removing Indexes

  1. Select the category where you want to edit the indexes.
  2. Choose the index from the Indexes Used by this Category list box.
  3. Now use the < button to remove the index.

Removing Indexes