IT@Sam - Technology Tutorials

Accessing Attendance Tracking

  1. Sign in to MySam
  2. From the Faculty Self Service Links in the Faculty Tab, select Attendance Tracking, which will list all classes for which the faculty is listed as an instructor.
  3. To take attendance for a class, select Take Roll for that class (If you are the instructor for an online class, the class will indicate the class time to be at 4:00 am).
    Take Roll

Recording Attendance (Take Roll)

The system updates and saves the information as it is entered. Therefore, there is NOT a Submit button. Notifications will appear showing the progress of updates.

  1. Once the class is selected, the student list will be populated with each scheduled class meeting date listed at the top. 
    Main Attendance
  2. Select the date for which you would like to record attendance, which will highlight the selected date and center it on the screen for easier viewing. A panel on the right side of the screen will list "Student Details". This panel may cover the date needed to take attendance. If that is the case, select the date from the calendar.
  3. Mark each student as absent who has not participated in or attended class. (See Federal Student Aid Handbook for descriptions of attendance and academically-engaged activities.)
  4. Repeat Step 1 for all students, or use the "Update Empty Records to Present" option to record all other students as present. This works well for sections in which enrollment numbers are large.
    Mark All Present
  5. Select the arrow in the upper left part of the window to return to the class list and select a different class.
    Course List Button

Troubleshooting Steps

  • The system will provide prompts for students. For example, if a student has been marked as present, the system will provide the prompt to "Click to mark Absent" if the mouse scrolls over the button again.Toggle Success