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Import data from Excel

The following instructions describe how to import attendance data into the Attendance Tracking module. Steps 1 describes how to export the class roster, and Step 2 describes how to edit the exported roster to add attendance data. Step 3 describes the process for importing the attendance data. If you have your attendance data in Excel already and can format that data to match the exported format (Steps 1 and 2), you can move directly to Step 3. Please note that skipping Steps 1 and 2 and using a custom Excel spreadsheet is considered an advanced option.

Export Class Roster

  1. Sign into MySam
  2. From the Faculty Self Service Links in the Faculty Tab, select Attendance Tracking, which will list all classes for which the faculty is listed as an instructor.MySam
  3. To take attendance for a class, select Take Roll for that class (If you are the instructor for an online class, the class will indicate the class time to be at 4:00 am).Take Roll
  4. Select the Gear icon, then Export TemplateExport Template
  5. Select the options indicated in the image below to export your class roster, and click Export. The file will be saved in your browser’s download location.Export Options

Edit the Exported File

  1. Open the file exported described in the previous steps.
  2. For all courses (face-to-face, online, and arranged), expected hours will be supplied by Banner. 
  3. Enter Hours in the format of (HH:MM, e.g 03:00 for 3 hours of activity)
  4. The columns required to review are Actual Hours, Absent Hours, and Attendance Indicator
  • Actual Hours – If present, fill out the actual hours to meet the value of Expected Hours
  • Absent Hours – If absent, fill out the Absent Hours to meet the value of Expected Hours.
  • Attendance Indicator – Present or Absent

5. Highlighted in Red are options to help auto fill columns to populate large courses easily.Fill Options

Import Attendance from Excel

  1. Select the gear icon in the top right of the screen and click Import.Import Button
  2. Select a file you wish to import by clicking on BrowseBrowse
  3. Once you have selected a file, click Upload. You will see a yellow progress bar move across the bottom of the screen as the system uploads your file. Once it is complete, click Continue.Import Upload
  4. If you receive an error at this step, it is most likely due to an error with the excel file you are using. For best results, we recommend you export your class roster (Step 1) to make your edits and then perform an import.
  5. You will see an example of your data in the next step. If it looks correct, click Continue.Import Preview
  6. If you used an export of your class roster from the Attendance Tracking system, you can skip this next step by clicking Continue.
  7. If you have used a custom excel sheet (rather than Steps 1 and 2), you will need to map the columns from your sheet to match those in the Attendance Tracking system. This is an advanced option and not recommended.Import Mapping
  8. The Continue button will validate the file that was uploaded. You will see a brief report of what will be uploaded and what will not be uploaded. At this step nothing has been saved, so you can safely cancel this process and update your spreadsheet if you need to make any additional changes.
  9. To see what records may have errors, click Download the validation  report. This report will show you record by record which records have issues.Import Validation
  10. If no issues are present, or you are satisfied with the results of this step, click Continue which will update the Attendance Tracking module with the attendance for that section.
  11. The final step shows you a report again of what actually was saved to the system. To review any errors, you can click on the Validation Report link. To close out of this process, click Finish.Import Complete
  12. Repeat these steps for other sections.