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There are a few new terms that you will need to know regarding Cherwell.

  • Service Catalog: A service catalog provides a list of all services that IT@Sam offers to you, our clients. The Cherwell portal has everything listed and grouped for you. This is how you will start most of your requests to IT@Sam. One click of your mouse on this portal and you are taken to the page to enter your request. No more questions for you to navigate!
  • Incident: An unplanned interruption to an IT service or a reduction in the quality of an IT service. Simply put, this is the type of request that is placed when something is broken.
  • Service Request: A request from a user for information, advice, for a standard change or for access to an IT Service. The majority of our work orders fall into the Service Request category.
  • Knowledge Base: A knowledge base is a repository that provides a central location for knowledge. We will have an integrated Knowledge Base within Cherwell that contains common error messages for software and hardware. This will allow you to quickly research an issue for a quick resolution without IT involvement. We are starting out with over 50,000 knowledge articles.
  • Problem: A cause of one or more incidents. Reducing or eliminating the impact of an incident or problem for which a full resolution is not yet available. Once we know of a problem we will create a problem record that can then be displayed on the Cherwell portal for you to see.