CD/DVD Burning (Mac)

Insert a blank CD-R or CD-RW into the CD drive.

A CD-R can be written to once, and then becomes read-only. A CD-RW can have data added and deleted.

These steps work for burning data DVDs as well as CDs, as long as your computer supports burning DVDs.

Choose the Open Finder option.

When you insert a blank disc, you are typically asked how you would like to handle it on the computer. This option will open the Finder so you can easily drag and drop files when you select the CD

Mac Popup CD Insert

Look for the icon of the blank CD that appears on your desktop.

It will be labeled “Untitled CD”. Double-click it to open the CD Finder window.

Untitled CD

Drag and drop the desired folders and files onto the CD.

Rename any files or folders that you want before you start the burn process. Once they are burned to the CD, you cannot change the names.

Side By Side

Side by Side 2

Initiate the burn. Click the "Burn" button at the top right hand corner of your Finder Window. You will be given the opportunity to name the CD. This name will appear whenever the CD is inserted into a computer.

Burn Button

Mac Rename CD