WebCMS - Check Accessibility with WAVE


WAVE is a service that scans the SHSU website and shows what pages have issues. Your primary goal will be to fix what errors you can in your content and report all other errors to webdev@shsu.edu.

Here is how to check a page for issues:

  • Submit the Page


  • Checking for Errors
    • On the left-hand side, you will see how many Errors and Contrast Errors are on the page. You can ignore any of the other items like Alerts
    • If there are Errors, click the flag icon
    • By clicking the icons, it can show where the Error is. If the Error is not shown, contact webdev@shsu.edu
    • Fix any Errors you are able to



  • Check for Contrast Errors
    • If you have Contrast Errors, click the Contrast link next to "No Styles". Contrast errors are generally fixed by making the text lighter or darker
    • Report any errors you are unsure of or can't fix to webdev@shsu.edu