WebCMS - Accessibility with Siteimprove


Siteimprove is a service that scans the SHSU website and shows what pages have issues. Your primary goal will be to fix what errors you can in your content and report all other errors to webdev@shsu.edu.

You will need a specific account to access Siteimprove. We will be sending invites over time and you can log in once you receive it.

Here is how to check a page for issues:

  • Navigate to Page
    • Log into Siteimprove
    • Click Select a service then Accessibility in the upper-left corner
      Select a Service Accessibility
    • Click Pages on the left menu
      Menu Select Pages
    • Click on a page with that has Level A or AA issues
  • Select Level A and AA Errors
    • Click the Security level drop-down
    • Un-select both Warnings and Review
    • Click the Conformance level drop-down
    • Select A and AA
    • Click any of the issues on the left-hand side. This will reveal each type of Error for that issue



  • View Individual Errors
    • Click on an Error. This shows a list of each occurrence of that Error
    • Click on one of the items. If it is visible on the page, it will show it on the right-hand side
    • Go through each Error, fix what you can, and report the rest to webdev@shsu.edu