dotCMS - Linking Files

Once inside the folder with the page you want to add links on, double click that page.

Select page 

Click Edit Content or click Add Content then click New Content.

Add or Edit Content

 Click Lock for Editing.

Lock for Editing

 Highlight the text you wish to link to.

Highlight Text

Click the link icon (two small chain links).


Click the Browse icon to the right hand of Link URL.


 Navigate to the folder the file is located in by clicking the plus signs next to the folders. 

Generally, start with the plus next to

Locate link

 Left click on the file you are linking to.

If there are many files in the folder, you may need to click the Next button to see the file.

Locate Link

 Click Insert.


 The file is now linked. Once you are finished editing the page, click Save / Publish

Save and Publish