Remote Desktop Connection - Windows 10

First, search for remote in the Taskbar Search bar. Select Remote Desktop Connection.

(Please note: If the search bar is not visible, click the magnifying glass icon Search first to display it.)

Start Menu  

When the Remote Desktop Connection dialogue box appears, type in and click Connect.

RDP Connect 

At the login screen enter shsu\Username and Password and select OK.

Sign In

At this point, the computer is connected to the roaming profile as if on campus.

Additional Remote Options

To gain access to printers and local drives, access the Show Options before login.

Show Options

Click the Local Resources tab and select More.


From this screen, place a check next to Drives.


Click OK then Connect.

Note to Faculty/Staff: When connecting to an office computer, other local resources, such as C:/ drive or any CD-R/DVD drives will not be available for use. does not connect to a particular computer, but to an on-campus computer allowing access to a profile.