Milestone - Overview

Milestone has two tabs:

  • Live
  • Playback

Live Playback Tabs

  • Live Tab

    The Live tab is where you will view your cameras in real time. When you first get access to Milestone, this tab will have nothing on it. The Live tab offers you numerous features, including audio, carousels, hotspots, Matrix, camera shortcut menus, pan-tilt-zoom control, digital zoom, events activation, output activation, quick playback, and more. You will need to use the Setup Tab to activate the features of this tab.

  • Playback Tab

    The Playback Tab is where you would go if you wanted to view past events that your camera may have picked up. The cameras will only record if they pick up movement. You will need to go to the Setup before you can use this tab.

For information on the Setup Tab, please view the Setting up Your View tutorial.