Tech Tip: Set “Remember Me” After the Duo Expansion

Duo Expansion Article Graphic
, SHSU’s two-factor authentication system, currently protects your university email account and Banner services.

Friday, September 24, we are placing most SHSU services behind the Duo authentication system to expand the protection of all SHSU accounts and information. 

Is this necessary?

Yes. While cyberthreats have been on the rise for years, transitioning to remote work and learning during the pandemic exacerbated the problem. At SHSU alone, we’ve seen a 147% increase in compromised accounts due to phishing and  other schemes.

Expanding two-factor authentication is one of the most effective security measures we can take to protect you and the university. Over the years, Bearkats have fallen victim to scams asking for their SHSU credentials. Cybercriminals then use the SHSU credentials to attempt accessing university accounts. Think about all the data you access to do your job, now imagine that data in the wrong hands. The below scenarios are just a start to the havoc that a cybercriminal can cause and none of them are good.   


Some have actually happened here. 

  • Direct deposit information can be updated, causing you to miss paychecks
  • Bank details can be stolen, causing your account to be emptied
  • Access can be blocked, locking you out of SHSU and personal accounts
  • More

Enable “Remember Me.”

With the expansion of Duo, we are also expanding the “Remember Me” option from 7 to 30 days! So prevent more prompts than necessary by clicking the “Remember Me” box

It is important to note that the “Remember Me” setting is per device, per browser. This means if you use Chrome to access Banner, then use Edge to do the same, you'll be prompted for both logins even with the "Remember Me" box selected.

P.S.: If you haven’t already, we recommend installing the Duo mobile app to enable push notifications so you can log in anywhere, anytime.