One Small Step for a Bearkat, One Giant Leap for SHSU


At IT@Sam, we are working diligently to support SHSU by providing and maintaining quality technology resources such as digital storage, updated software and upgraded equipment. To continue this support, we are upgrading the SHSU email system, Microsoft Exchange, to the cloud at the end of this year.

To make sure this is a smooth process for the SHSU community, we need to test the process of transitioning to the cloud platform. We are asking for volunteers to join our project team and be among the first Bearkats to take the leap.

What are the benefits to moving to the cloud before campus?

If you choose to volunteer, you will receive early access to the below benefits before the rest of the campus community.

  • Email quotas – Increases in storage quotas from 3 GB to 100GB along with unlimited email archive storage on the cloud
  • Power Automate – Install the Flow App to your mobile device and enable push notifications to send an alert when you receive an email from a specific person or business
  • Attachment sizes – Increases attachment sending sizes from the current limit of 25 MB to 150MB
  • Security features – Enhances email security with ZAP Functionality, SafeLinks and SafeDocuments

What do I have to do if I volunteer?

As a volunteer, you will need to test that regular email processes such as sending and receiving emails, scheduling meetings and updating personal settings, all work correctly on your SHSU email account.

As a volunteer, you will receive a follow up email with more information to assist you with testing the email processes and features once your account is moved to the cloud. 

NOTE: If you delegated access to someone to review your calendar, inbox, etc., that person needs to move to the cloud with you. If not, they will lose their delegated access until they make the transition on a later date.

How do I volunteer?

Volunteering is easy! Just email the IT@Sam Service Desk and state that you would like to volunteer no later than 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 15, 2020.  

For answers to additional questions before you choose to volunteer, contact the IT@Sam Service Desk.