NOTICE: Update to the Technology Purchasing Process

Tech Waiver

When you submit technology purchase requests for software (i.e., websites, subscriptions and desktop installations), we are required by state law to perform a review for security and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance. We know that expedited purchases are sometimes needed to keep moving forward on projects. Since this review can be a long collaboration between IT@Sam, you and the vendor, we added a new waiver to ensure you get the services you need to keep working, while we complete our required review.

Wait, isn’t software security and ADA important?

Absolutely. Our goal is always to keep SHSU protected and compliant with state laws and regulations.

That is why, before you sign the waiver, you must consider if the software is essential (you have to have it to complete your job), needed immediately (you are unable to wait until the security review is completed), AND if you think the vendor will be compliant with the required state laws (think: if they are a vendor for other state institutions). If you meet these qualifications, then you would be a candidate for the waiver! If you do not meet these qualifications, we advise you to wait until the compliance review is completed before purchasing the new software.

What does signing the waiver do?

Signing the waiver allows you to keep working with the vendor to purchase and implement the software while we work on the compliance review.  If our review does not uncover any compliance issues, you can continue using the software. If our review uncovers security or ADA issues that do not meet the state laws for the software to be used at SHSU, then we will work together to establish a plan to begin phasing out this software and setting you up with an approved software.  

How does this expedite the process?

In the past, you had to wait to purchase your requested software until we completed our review. With this new process, you can purchase the software and begin implementing it while we perform our review. Remember: By signing this waiver, you are acknowledging that you understand there is a risk that you will not be able to use the software if it does not meet security and ADA compliance

NOTE: This waiver only available for the times that you need to implement a software quickly, so the work doesn’t stop.  For all other cases, please continue to plan ahead and follow the IT@Sam purchasing process.

For more information regarding this waiver or to request assistance with your software purchase, contact the IT@Sam Service Desk.