SHSU's Email expedition to the Cloud


As SHSU grows, it is important that our technology grows with us. That’s why, this month, we will begin transitioning SHSU’s email system to the cloud, where it has the capacity to expand with us. We are working with campus to create an efficient upgrade schedule and will send you an email notification telling you when it is your turn to “lift off” to the cloud. 
Orange Icons-20
Orange Icons-04What are the benefits?
Your email will work exactly the same, with a few added benefits:

  • More storage space - Email storage quotas will increase from 3GB to 100GB along with unlimited email archive storage on the cloud
  • Increased sending limits – Email up to 500 recipients per email, up from 250
  • Larger attachment sizes – Send attachments up to 150MB, up from 25MB
  • Enhanced security features – Experience advanced email security with ZAP Functionality, SafeLinks and SafeAttachments 

Orange Icons-06What do I need to do?
Even though we programmed everything we could to make this transition as seamless for you as possible, there are still some actions you will need to complete after your account is upgraded. Check out our in-depth tutorials to learn how to perform each action. Remember: Our IT@Sam Service Desk is always available to assist you.

  • Mobile Email Applications: Update your email account on your Apple or Android device
  • Windows Outlook: Simply re-enter your password
  • Mac Outlook: Delete and re-add your email account
  • Zoom Calendar: Reset Zoom integration with your Outlook calendar
  • Outlook Web App: Refresh and/or clear your cache to ensure you are automatically redirected to the new Office 365 Outlook website from to access your email
  • Jabber Chat Transcripts: Reset Cisco Jabber’s server settings if you want the Outlook “Cisco Jabber Chats” folder to continue archiving your chat conversations.

We know this seems like a lot, but we promise you are in good hands. Throughout this last year, we researched, practiced, completed and transitioned several of our own team members to the cloud. We know you will be pleased with the results.

Orange Icons-09Do you still have questions? Contact the IT@Sam Service Desk and we will be happy to speak with you!