Tech Tip: Make DUO Convenient, Too!

Authenication Process

DUO is a convenient way to increase the security of your information and work. Additionally DUO protects all campus users by limiting the ability for a cybercriminal to use your account for malicious activity.

Is DUO prompting you to authenticate every time you need to access various SHSU resources online such as Banner? For efficient operation, campus users that use a consistent workstation daily have set DUO to remember them.

So, we want to help make DUO easier for you.

Use the below steps so you only have to authenticate once every seven days. That means a full week of using your SHSU resources without getting interrupted by having to prove you’re… well you.

  • Convenient Authentication:

    To log in using two-factor authentication, you will enter in your username and password as normal.

    After entering in your username and password, you will be presented with a screen to select your two-factor authentication option. Check the box Remember me for 7 days and select Send Me a Push.

    NOTE: If the Remember me for 7 days option is grayed out, select send me a push and then simply click cancel, it will bring the page back up and allow you to check it. After the first time you change this, you should not have to again. 


    You will see a confirmation that a push notice was sent to your device.


    Your device will also show a notice on your lock screen that a request is waiting.


    Open your Duo Mobile app, you will see a notice that your request is waiting. Press that notice to see the Approve/Deny options.


    Select Approve if you are the person that is attempting the login. Select Deny if not.


    Once the login is approved, the system will finish logging you in and you continue with your work.


Remember: While you can use your office phone for authentication, you will not be able to access Banner when off campus. This will cause problems if you are away from your office and need to approve or submit timesheets, access reports, etc.

For more information regarding DUO Two-Factor Authentication, email the IT@Sam Service Desk or call 936-294-1950.