Security Tip: Ensure New Employee's Devices are Secure

When preparing to hire a new employee, it is important to report any devices they will be using, such as a laptop of desktop computer, for IT@Sam to clean. If existing devices aren’t cleaned by IT@Sam, they could be prone to security issues, run slow and more.

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Why does a device need to be “cleaned”?
Every desktop computer and laptop on campus, except for labs and classrooms, are configured for the main user. When an employee leaves, cleaning the device will clear any unsecure information or files from the prior employee, so the new employee can start with a secure and reliable device.

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How does IT@Sam clean a device?
When cleaning a device, our primary goal is to do a full reset on the device to ensure the following:

  • Content is removed that could put the new user at risk or bring into question who the owner of the content is
  • Risk/liability is removed from the university of content, licenses or data installed by a previous user
  • Operational efficiency and reliability are improved (THINK: faster and increased security)

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How can I report that a device needs to be cleaned?
There are a few different ways to let us know that a device needs to be cleaned:

  1. Call the Technology Solutions Center at 936-294-1950
  2. Email the IT@Sam Service Desk
  3. Place a ticket in our Cherwell Service System