Retention Schedule Update for Zoom Cloud Recordings

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Are you managing your meeting or lecture recordings in Zoom storage?
Zoom storage is intended for short-term use. It is important to manage your recordings in Zoom storage as they could be taking up space needed by the campus community for current recordings.

Work gets busy, we get it.
Reviewing or clearing out recordings in Zoom is probably at the bottom of your to do list. We want to help take it off your list altogether.

Beginning September 3, 2021,  Zoom recordings will automatically delete 60 days after they are created. 

What if I need them for more than 60 days?
There is a solution for that too! To keep your Zoom recordings past the 60-day limit, you have the below options:

  1. Faculty– Kaltura automatically saves all lecture recordings for you, there is no need to keep a secondary copy in the Zoom storage system.
  2. Staff– Download the recordings you need to keep and upload them to Microsoft OneDrive to ensure you have access your recordings from anywhere as needed. Don’t forget to delete the recordings from Zoom.

For questions regarding Zoom recordings, contact the IT@Sam Service Desk.