From the Desk of the VP


“When you need to innovate, you need collaboration.” – Marissa Mayer, Former President and CEO of Yahoo!

It feels like it took years to get here, but we finally made it to December 2020! I want to thank all SHSU faculty and staff for your patience, collaboration and support throughout 2020. Your insight, innovation and knowledge were vital to ensure student success and campus progression this year. Moving forward, please continue to share your experience and opinions as they are valued and key to the success of Sam Houston State University.

To close out 2020 on a high note, I am leaving you with the below IT@Sam newsletter articles to help you over the holidays and make your return to the office easier in the new year.

  1. Security Tip: Don’t Forget About the Phish Bowl – Learn how you can view and report current SHSU phishing emails.
  2. Tech Tip: Make DUO Convenient, Too! – Make a simple change to your DUO settings for an efficient authentication process.
  3. Get Banner Training with Ellucian On-Demand – Become a Banner pro with access to hundreds of Banner trainings.
  4. Remote Work Tip: OneDrive Does More Than You Think – Use OneDrive to enhance collaboration with students and coworkers.
  5. You Don’t Have LastPass?! – Let LastPass take some of your stress away with this FREE and secure option to store your passwords and various account information.
  6. Remote Work Tip: Secure Your Zoom Meetings – Secure your virtual meetings by selecting a few simple settings.

For more useful SHSU technology information, review our past newsletters, technology tutorial site or contact the IT@Sam Service Desk.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday and a well-deserved break. “See” you in the new year!

Mark Adams

Vice President for Information Technology