Tech Tip: WAIT! Before You Leave for the Holidays, Let’s Talk Reminders


This year has been interesting, but we FINALLY made it to the holidays! We have a few small reminders before you leave for the (much needed) holiday break so your return in the new year will be little less chaotic (*fingers crossed*).

  1. Log off of your computer on your last day in the office. Shutting it down or locking it instead of logging out will cause you to miss any updates we make while you are sleighing the holiday.
  2. Set up the DUO push option before you leave so you can access your accounts to log in to Banner, MySam, etc. (Think: timesheets). After all, you can’t authenticate your log in from your office phone if you leave to experience an actual winter wonderland in the mountains or out of the country.
  3. Check to see if your password is going to expire while you are out of the office. If it is, be sure to update it before you leave.
  4. Take some time to clean up emails, clear up file storage and organize your to-do list to help you return to an already productive environment.