Security Tip: Email Attachments Can Be Malicious, Too?


During the holidays, phishing attacks increase by approximately 400%. Phishing attempts will typically provide a link to a malicious website or contain an attachment that is malicious. 

In addition to SafeLinks, Safe Attachments is here to keep you and SHSU protected from these attacks.

How does Safe Attachments work?

When Microsoft detects a file in an email, Safe Attachments scans the attachment for malicious content.  If no malicious content is found, you will receive the attachment in your email like normal.

If malicious content is detected, the email with the attachment is quarantined and can be released only by an admin.

But remember, no technology is 100%...

Please continue to practice safe email habits. Most importantly, DO NOT open attachments from an unknown sender, especially if the email has all the signs of a phishing attempt.

What if I open an attachment and it still seems suspicious?

If you open a suspicious attachment, forward the email to our IT@Sam security team at immediately and they will assist you with determining if the attachment is malicious.

For additional questions regarding Safe Attachments, contact the IT@Sam Service Desk, we are always happy to help!