Remote Work Tip: Create Virtual Fun for the Holidays

Virtual Holiday graphic

Due to COVID-19 and the overall changes throughout 2020, there is a mixture of in-person, remote and flex schedules on campus. This makes sharing tasty holiday treats, gathering for luncheons and the overall excitement for the holidays a bit difficult.

But never fear, IT@Sam is here to show you that you can still have fun and gather for the holidays… just virtually.

Here are a few simple tips to get your virtual holiday planning on the right track:

  1. Create a Zoom virtual event and invite your department or coworkers to register to attend. Make sure to use a fun subject line such as “Join the Holiday Extravaganza” or any phrase that you think will interest your #workfam.
  2. Create a schedule for the event. Consider a timeslot for leadership speeches, virtual games and any special recognition. Just remember to keep the time to about an hour. Need help with activity ideas? Consider fun icebreaker trivia, virtual team building and more.
  3. Utilize breakout rooms for activities and to separate large groups to get to know each other.
  4. Include everyone and let work slide away. After the year everyone has had, take this time to just enjoy and appreciate each other, rather than “talking shop.”

If you opt to try this with your department or co-workers and need help with Zoom, we are happy to help! Simply contact our IT@Sam Technology Trainer or take a look at our Zoom Technology Tutorials.