Busting Study Abroad Myths!

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I won’t graduate on time.

    • You will work with your Study Abroad Coordinator and your academic advisor to figure out how your study abroad program will fit in with your academic plan and keep you on track for graduation.
    • Students can earn major, minor, core course, and elective credits on study abroad programs.
    • You can also study abroad any time during your SHSU career and programs take place during the academic year, and summer, to provide flexibility to students.

I can’t afford it.

    • Most forms of financial aid travel with you and additional scholarships are available.
    • When you study abroad the cost will depend on the program you select. For exchange and faculty-led programs you pay regular SHSU tuition but for affiliated programs you pay their program fee.
    • The Student Money Management Center can help you plan out your payments for study abroad, resources to help you pay for your expenses, creative fundraising ideas and additional support that is available.

It’s not for students like me.

    • There are study abroad programs that work for students from all different majors, financial situations, professional interests/goals and backgrounds.
    • Read about students’ experiences on our SHSU Study Abroad Blog.
    • If you have concerns about navigating your identity abroad, reach out to our Study Abroad staff and also check out our information on Diversity Abroad.
    • We also have information for Parents and Family, if your family has concerns about you going abroad and they can contact our office with follow up questions.

It’s too competitive.

    • Programs vary in their competitiveness. We recommend you apply early to your desired program as students are accepted on a first come first serve basis.

The application is too complicated.

    • The applications consist of 4 short answer questions, your unofficial transcripts and a visit to the Student Money Management Center for help budgeting for your time abroad.
    • You will also need to turn in additional study abroad form after the application has been turned in.
    • If you have any questions about the application, your eligibility, or need some extra help navigating the application process, contact our office.

It won’t help me in the future.

    • Study abroad enhances your graduate school and career opportunities.
    • Studies have shown that students who participated in study abroad programs are about twice as likely to find a job within a year of graduation as other students and have a 25% higher starting salary than those who do not study abroad.
    • Study abroad also provides you time for reflection and the opportunity to gain perspective on what you might want to do in the future, along with self-reliance, adaptability and independence, which are important for any job.

I’ll travel abroad after graduation.

    • It is much harder to take time off to travel once you have started a job, have limited vacation and are paying back loans.
    • Studying abroad during college provides you with a program structure and academic purpose and you can utilize financial aid and scholarships to fund the experience.
    • Many college graduates say that one of their biggest regrets was not studying abroad. Don’t miss out!

It’s safer to stay in the U.S.

    • Most risks faced by students around the world are similar to those in the U.S.
    • SHSU takes students safety abroad very seriously. We only allow students to travel to countries assigned advisory level 1-2 by the U.S. Department of State.
    • All students are required to enroll in an insurance plan that at a minimum will provide emergency medical and security evacuation and medical expense coverage while abroad the entire period of the program.
    • For more information about student safety abroad.

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