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Faculty-led Programs: Information for Faculty

If you are considering leading a group of students abroad, we are here to help! This is a long process, with planning required at least 12 months ahead of time. We encourage you to contact the Study Abroad Coordinator in the Office of International Programs (OIP) with specific questions.




Documents for Faculty only:

Turn in to Study Abroad Coordinator (OIP):

PLEASE NOTE: Faculty leading out-of-country and out-of-state courses for credit must submit the Program Proposal by the August 1 deadline for the Board of Regents final approval.

Once the program proposal is submitted to the BOR, NO CHANGES TO COURSE NUMBERS, TITLES, OR FACULTY INSTRUCTOR can be made. The Board of Regents approval is specific to course, lead instructor, dates, location, credit hours and length.

Documents for Faculty, Departments, and/or College:


  • Post Program Evaluations
    Students are directed by OIP to complete an online evaluation survey for their programs. The results and feedback will be shared with faculty leaders.

Turn in to Study Abroad Coordinator (OIP):

  • Cost Report Form
    Due August 30th for summer programs or 2 weeks after trip completion.
Documents for Students:

After students have submitted their initial Application, Transcript, and Financial Agreement, they must complete a series of additional documents by March 1, or ASAP if they confirm participation after this date.  Reference the program's webpage for a list of these documents.  If you are accepting a student into the program from another university, they will need to have the below form on file:

Non-SHSU/Non-Credit Student Form (due before first payment to the Bursars Office)

As of Academic Year 2015-2016, OIP is the primary responsible party for the collection and verification of these documents.  If the Faculty Leader wishes to be the primary contact for these documents, please notify the Study Abroad Coordinator.

Please note that some countries will require students to obtain a visa prior to departure or upon entry into the host country.  Therefore, students must be informed of the necessary steps to obtain the visa, if necessary.  If faculty require assistance in this matter, OIP can provide guidance.  However, OIP will not be responsible for ensuring all students are in possession of a valid visa.  This is ultimately the responsibility of the individual traveler.

*SHSU will not approve any student travel to locations currently under US Dept. of State Travel Warning or locations that come under Travel Warning at any point in the study abroad process, including after the student has departed the US.  Financial contingency plans should be made to compensate for any penalties incurred due to late program cancellation.  Check the status of your proposed location here.  No exceptions will be considered.


For questions or concerns, please contact Malin Hilmersson, Study Abroad Coordinator, at 936-294-3276 or


THECB Rules for Approval of Distance Education