Institutional Effectiveness

  • A view of the Admin Building from across the mall area near the Evans Complex.

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (IE) is a Sam Houston State University administrative service and support unit, aligned under Strategic Enrollment & Innovation.

Institutional Research

It is the mission of the Institutional Research function to collect, analyze, appraise, report and disseminate data on behalf of the University, its executive administration and its educational leaders for the purpose of promoting evidence-based reflection, planning, and action. The IE office provides information and conducts research studies to comply with federal, state and other reporting mandates, and to assess policy, programs and special initiatives.

To request assistance with obtaining data, access to existing reports, and information about external data resources, SHSU employees with network access may submit a work order request/request a report.  A data dictionary, Data Cookbook, is available to individuals with SHSU network log in credentials to review descriptions of existing reports (specifications) and data terms (definitions).  SHSU uses Cognos as the reporting tool, and links to the Cognos reports are included in Data Cookbook.  Various reports require prior training and/or approval, and SHSU Cognos users are encouraged to read about these details in Data Cookbook.  A Data Cookbook introductory tutorial is available for additional assistance.  Questions about Cognos and Data Cookbook can be directed to IE or to SHSU Information Resources Service Desk personnel.