Infrastructure & Support Services

Infrastructure and Support Services

The Infrastructure and Support Services (ISS) department manages the infrastructure that supports the servers, network, and workstations for Sam Houston State University. We provide computer network connectivity to all campus buildings, including the residence halls. Each campus office, computer lab, classroom and resident has his/her own high-speed internet connection. Wireless access is provided throughout the main campus and some residence halls with SamNet. ISS also supports all core computer applications and the infrastructure where they reside. We have a centralized data center to support SHSU's computing needs where servers are monitored and data is backed up on a daily basis.

ISS is comprised of four sub-departments that include: Networking, Managed Applications, Data Center Operations, and Server Administration.

Staff Roles

All Infrastructure and Support Services staff are assigned to specific teams to support the ongoing infrastructure needs of the university. Each team fulfills specific roles for the university community.

Networking: Networking manages the network infrastructure, such as internet connectivity, telephone systems, digital signage, video surveillance and port activations for all campus buildings including residence halls.  In addition Networking is responsible for the SHSU Data Cable Plant.

Managed Applications: Managed Applications provides desktop administration for all PC desktops and Macs on campus.   This area is responsible for desktop configuration, operating system management, software packaging and deployment, custom desktop configurations, and the application of security patch administration for the SHSU campus network.

Data Center Operations: Data Center Operations manages SHSU’s Data Center Physical Infrastructure including facility power, cooling, and space management, and provides 24x7 support services for University applications such as monitoring, call-outs, and IT component repair and replacement.

Server Administration: Systems is responsible for the upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of SHSU IT systems.  This includes acquisition, install, and upgrade of computer components and software, providing routine automation, and maintaining security policies in conjunction with ISS – Security recommendations and state and federal regulations.  In addition to Disaster Recovery backup administration and storage administration, Systems also administers core services such as e-mail, voice mail, printing, file sharing, authentication and access control, databases, and video surveillance.

ISS Leadership: The Infrastructure and Support Services leadership team fills the primary roles of prioritization, coordination and oversight of ISS resources. The leadership team works to ensure that the appropriate ISS resources are correctly assigned to system support and project tasks.