Risk Statement


At Sam Houston State University, risk is inherent and essential to the educational process of any worthy endeavor. In the past, our philosophy toward risk was to systematically identify physical and financial risks, understand them, and programmatically mitigate, transfer, or eliminate those risks that impede the University’s ability to achieve its mission.

The Office of Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management has adopted and is migrating toward a combined traditional and Enterprise Risk Management approach to all University risks and opportunities. This ongoing effort is intended to support and strengthen the University’s real and perceived value by proactively encouraging University leadership, faculty, and staff to integrate risk management processes into day-to-day decision making and strategic objectives. The processes to regularly consider when setting objectives or performing tasks are as follows. 

  1. Identify risks
  2. Evaluate, measure, and prioritize risks
  3. Take appropriate actions to control or respond to risks
  4. Monitor, evaluate, and report/record the effectiveness of risk controls


  • Improve business resilience and value
  • Increase leadership, faculty, and staff awareness of risk management, environmental health and safety processes
  • Achieve consistency in practices
  • Always approach risk management and safety through education and guidance over control

Our response to challenges shall be collaborative, professional, researched, and considerate.