Desk Audits

What is a Desk Audit?

The desk audit is the method used for obtaining information about a position in order to properly classify the position. It involves interviews held by the Human Resources (HR) Specialist with the employee and the supervisor. A position desk audit focuses solely on the current work assigned and does not address hypothetical or projected duties. Positions are classified based on major regular and recurring essential duties. Additionally, volume of work is not a factor in grade classification.

Benefits of a Desk Audit:

  • Verifies and clarifies information in the Position Management action and documentation.
  • Provides examples of work performed.
  • Allows employees an opportunity to explain and demonstrate what their position does.

 Prepare for the Audit

The desk audit interview is usually conducted at the employee’s work site. Generally, the HR Specialist shall also meet with the first level supervisor to verify the assignment of work and the nature of supervision. When prepping for a desk audit, employees should be prepared to describe the responsibilities of their positions. Supervisors should be prepared to explain a change proposed to the title, classification, or grade level of the position. Employees should be ready to discuss all the functional areas within their job including specific examples that best illustrate each area of responsibility. Provide samples of your work, if appropriate. Discuss facets of your position that require originality, innovation or creativity. Keep in mind, the classification specialist will be assessing:

1) The nature of the work (kind of work);

2) The variety (scope and range); and,

3) The difficulty of the work (judgment, skill, and knowledge).

REMEMBER: The classification specialist classifies the position, not the person. The duties, level of responsibility, and skills and knowledge required of the position to render a classification decision will be analyzed. Personal attributes (e.g., the employee's value, performance, longevity, reliability) are not part of the classification review process and decision.

Questions that may be asked during the Desk Audit

  • What are the major duties of this position? What percentage of time is spent on those duties?
  • What is the most difficult aspect of the position?
  • What decisions will this position have authority to make?
  • Will this position establish policies and procedures?
  • Do you supervise others?