Drug Free Campus & WorkPlace

Sam Houston State University (SHSU) is committed to ensuring the safety and health of its students and employees.

This communication will serve as official notice of the Drug-Free Schools and Campuses regulations and the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention regulations.

SHSU has implemented the Drug Free Work Place Policy (ER-8) that prohibits the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of illicit drugs or alcohol by students and employees on University property, at any school activities, or while employees are on official duty. All students and employees are required to obey the law and to comply with the Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents, Texas State University System and SHSU institutional rules. The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of drugs or alcohol by employees will result in disciplinary action up to and including separation of employment.

The SHSU Drug Awareness and Prevention program is a three-part program to inform students and employees about:

  1. Promote awareness of health risks involved in the use of illicit drugs and the abuse of alcohol, which often result in poor health and premature death.
  2. Provide help services to all SHSU students and employees for drug and alcohol counseling, treatment, and rehabilitation.
  3. Local sanctions, which include fines and/or imprisonment for violation of local, state, or federal drug laws. SHSU upholds laws, which prohibit the possession, use, or distribution of controlled substances. Anyone who is found to be in violation of these laws will be referred to the appropriate legal authority for prosecution. More details about SHSU discipline and the penalties under state and federal law are included in the SHSU Annual Security Report.

Find Help


Students may contact the SHSU Counseling Center at (936) 294-1720 for help regarding substance abuse and addiction issues.

Counseling Center


All Sam Houston State University faculty, staff and family members have access to the University of Texas Employee Assistance Program (UTEAP). One of the services an EAP provides is referral to Substance Abuse Professionals for assistance to help resolve issues related to alcohol and drug problems. Employees who need to schedule an appointment may call (800) 346-3549.