Communication Plan

Sam Houston State University
Human Resources Department
Communication Plan

Goals and objectives for communication

The Human Resources Department (HR) strives to communicate in an effective and timely manner to Sam Houston State University (SHSU) administrators, employees, and other customers regarding applicable human resources related policy changes, benefit updates, new procedures, and other information affecting employment.

Methods and medium of communication

HR utilizes the following methods to communicate with administrators, employees, retirees, applicants and other customers:

Issue resolution strategies

HR utilizes the following resolution strategies:

  • Customer Service Satisfaction Survey
  • Benefits Comment Card
  • HR management staff are available to assist with issues needing further resolution. The HR website includes the directory of HR team members and contact information.
  • HR has a representative on the Financial Advisory Collaborative Team (FACT). This team includes representation from across campus, with the purpose of working together to improve business processes, increase communication, seek input/feedback, and increase knowledge. The HR representative on this team will gather feedback to resolve HR related issues experienced by customers.

Methods for evaluation of success

HR reviews the information collected from the Customer Service Satisfaction Survey and Benefits Comment Cards to evaluate success of communication efforts and HR services. HR will also utilize the feedback received from the Financial Advisory Collaborative Team (FACT) to evaluate success.

General Information on the role and services provided by HR

HR core services include the functional areas of Benefits, Employee Relations, Employee Professional Development, Employee Leaves, Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Plan, Staffing, Staff Wage and Salary Administration, and Records. HR staff are committed to delivering high quality, professional service in an enthusiastic manner to all prospective, current, and past employees.

Directory of HR team members and areas of assistance

HR Processes

Dates and timing of various processes and actions

HR Policies

  • Beginning February 1, 2019, HR will include the date of policy revisions with a summary of the revisions at the end of each HR policy.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) with answers

For additional information, please contact the Human Resources Department at (936) 294-1070.