Employee Discount Program

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Working for Sam Houston State University (SHSU) has its perks! Sam Houston State University has partnered with Perks (Powered by PerksConnect) to provide SHSU employees, retirees and their families, with an employee discount program!

The Perks program is a lifestyle product and service discount savings program enabling employees, retirees, and their families, to find great deals on items and services they need and use every day. Perks users have access to: local discounts, national retailer discounts, discounted gift cards, daily deals and more. There are many ways to save!

Getting started online is easy!

Go to: https://shsu.perksconnection.com

Click “Activate your account now”

Your group code is: SHSU

Complete your FREE registration and start saving! A Printable Card is available for download after you complete your registration (under your account icon at the top right corner of the page).

Go Mobile

Visit the Google Play or the Apple Store on your Smart Phone and search for PerksConnect Plus.

Login information is required to use the app.

This is a voluntary discount program for Sam Houston State University employees, retirees, and their families. All advertised discounts are managed by Perks (Powered by PerksConnect) and do not represent an endorsement by Sam Houston State University.