Address/Name Change Instructions

Name Change

You will need a copy of your social security card and your Sam ID number to request a name change. All name change requests will match the social security card submitted to HR at the time of the request. Employees requesting a name change will submit the required information via email to Only emails sent from a SHSU email address belonging to the requesting individual will be accepted to ensure security of sensitive information.

Email Format

Send to:

From: Your SHSU email address

Subject: Name Change Request – SAM ID #

Body: Requesting name change to (Insert name as it appears on your social security card)

Password Protection – Social Security Card

You may password protect the image, PDF, jpeg, etc. file that contains your social security card before sending your email. You will need to call our office at 936-294-2637 to provide the password to open the file.

Address Change

All of the following steps must be completed through Banner Self-Service. With an active SHSU user account, you can access Banner Self-Service from the SHSU home page at as follows:

  1. Click on Campus Tools
  2. Click on MySam
  3. Click the Campus Resources tab
  4. Click the Banner Self-Service link
  5. Click on the Personal Information tab
  6. Click the Update Addresses and Phones link
  7. Click on Current link next to the address that you wish to change
  8. Enter today's date in "Valid From this Date" field (do not add a date in "Until this Date" field)
  9. Update the address in lines 1, 2, & 3 as needed
  10. Update city, state, zip code, and county (if Texas, type TX and scroll to your county)
  11. Do not change Nation
  12. Scroll down and click Submit

*Note: This only changes your address on file with SHSU and TRS (Teacher’s Retirement System). If you need to update your address with the Employees Retirement System of Texas (ERS) for insurance purposes, you will need to log into your ERS Online account at to make changes. If you need to update your address for your Optional Retirement Program or Supplemental Retirement Program account, you will need to contact the vendor to make changes.