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Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) Deadlines –
The EPAF deadlines for submission to the Payroll Department are listed on the Payroll website.  The Human Resources Department must receive EPAFs at least two working days prior to the Payroll Department deadline in order to allow for processing time.


New Employee Benefits Orientation Schedule –
The New Employee Benefits Orientation Schedule is available on the Human Resources Department website.  All new benefit eligible faculty, staff, and graduate student employees need to attend an orientation session on or before their first active duty date.


Qualifying Life Events –
Benefit eligible employees who experience a qualifying life event, such as marriage, birth of a dependent, divorce, or their dependent loses or gains insurance, may request enrollment changes consistent with the event within 31 days from the date when the qualifying life event occurred. Evidence of insurability (EOI) rules may apply. Additional information is available on the Employees Retirement System of Texas (ERS) website. Contact Human Resources if you have experienced a qualifying life event.

Within 31 days from date of event

EPAF Requiring International Programs and/or Office of Research Administration Approval –
Extra processing time is necessary for EPAFs when the account is a contract or grant and for international student employees. EPAFs for contracts and grants must be routed through the Office of Research Administration for approval. EPAFs for international students must be routed through the Office of International Programs.


- Employees considering retirement should contact Human Resources to begin working on the applicable retiree benefit documents at least 60-90 days prior to their retirement date.

60-90 days prior to retirement

Maximizing 403b Supplemental Retirement Plan –
Employees that intend to maximize their 403b supplemental retirement plan contributions need to submit the required documents to the Human Resources Department by November 15th of each year.  


Student Employment Criteria – Student employees must be here primarily for the purpose of going to school and hold a position which is classified as a student job. They must be currently enrolled at SHSU, and should carry at least six (6) semester hours during the Fall and Spring semesters. To be eligible to work during the summer if not enrolled, they must have been enrolled as described above during the preceding Spring semester, or registered for the next Fall semester. Enrollment in courses that are not eligible for financial aid does not qualify as eligible semester hours for student employment. Students who withdraw or fail to make satisfactory academic progress are immediately ineligible for student employment.


Verify prior to employment

28 Hour Limit Process - Hourly student employees may work up to, but no more than, 28 hours per week.  For additional details, please refer to the Student Work Schedule 28 Hour Limit Process.

To ensure that all students have an equal employment opportunity (EEO), all Student Assistant and Work-Study jobs on campus must be posted for at least five (5) working days online through the web-based job posting program JOBS 4 KATS. For more information, please refer to Human Resources Policy E-7, Student Employment Posting.