GRE Preparation Workshop

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    Interested in applying to graduate school?  Taking the GRE exam is your first step in the right direction!  We believe that SHSU students should be able to compete right along with others across the nation and to ensure you the best possible opportunity to perform well on the exams, we offer a FREE GRE Prep workshop twice per semester.  The only cost to you is the purchase of any reputable study guide from which you should put in significant study time before attending our prep sessions.  For scheduling and more information, check out the FAQ’s listed below.

    Spring 2020 dates to be announced soon!

  • Who is eligible to participate?

    Current SHSU students and alumni planning to take the GRE this semester are eligible to participate in one of the two workshops offered.

  • How much does GRE Prep cost?

    Free, Free, Free! You should already have a reputable study guide from which you are studying. If you do not, this will be the only cost to you.

  • Can I attend GRE Prep more than once?

    Because of the demand for a limited number of spaces, we ask that students participate in only one workshops offered before taking their exam to allow other students an opportunity to review with us. We also recommend that you attend the workshop closest to the time you will be taking the actual exam. So, if you are taking the exam in the spring, we recommend taking the prep workshop in the spring as well.

  • Do I Have to attend both segments of the session?

    Yes! Our instructors dedicate their time to you and work hard to prepare for each session of the workshop. Also, keep in mind that there may have been other students who would have attended each session, but did not get into the workshop due to it being full. Please take advantage of all that we are offering with this workshop, including the time!

GRE Resources

Where can I find a study guide? Which do you recommend?

A reputable study guide can be found in most bookstores and online.  We do not make a specific recommendation, though most students prefer to purchase Kaplan, Barron’s, or Princeton Review guides. 

Where do I find information on the exam itself? (i.e. registration, fees, schedule)

For information on the GRE, please visit