What is eMentoring@SHSU? 

  • eMentoring@SHSU, in partnership with Mentor Collective, is an online mentoring community.
  • Students are matched with a trained student-mentor until May 2019, based on shared interests, experiences and academics.
  • Mentors are highly qualified current students at SHSU. 

How does eMentoring@SHSU work?

  1. Mentors and mentees are invited by email and SMS to participate.
  2. Mentors and mentees complete a matching survey to determine their best fit.
  3. Mentors take a required webinar training with other mentors lead by one of our Mentorships team.
  4. Mentors and mentees are matched.
  5. Throughout the year, students discuss their challenges and questions and mentors collaborate and share their insights.
  6. Mentors and mentees use discussion guides to review specific topics.

What are the expectations for a mentor?

  • Mentors connect with their mentee(s) once per month, via video chat, email, text, social media, etc...
  • Mentors keep SHSU updated on their progress with their students through Conversation Reports and Insight Flags on their student dashboard.
  • If students have questions, Mentor Collective provides support through help@mentorcollective.org

How can students get matched with a mentor and get started?

  • Register for the program using the links in the emails sent by SHSU and Mentor Collective.
  • If a student hasn’t received this information or wants to learn more, please contact Dr. Kay Angrove at Student Success Initiatives: kangrove@shsu.edu or 936.294.3423.

Want to be a student eMentor or want to have an eMentor?

  • More information on eMentoring@SHSU is available by contacting Student Success Initiatives on the SHSU Huntsville Campus: ssi@shsu.edu or 936.294.3422.