Financial Aid & Scholarships Staff

Dear Prospective Student:

We are pleased that you are interested in attending Sam Houston State University and look forward to assisting you with financial planning for your educational future.

For some individuals, applying for financial aid can be a time consuming and seemingly complicated process. The Financial Aid & Scholarships website is designed to give easy indications to assist with the process. If additional help is required, you are encouraged to seek other brochures, consumer information or assistance from one of the counselors.

The Financial Aid & Scholarships Office is located in Estill Building, on the second floor, or you may call (936) 294-1774 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

We look forward to being of service to you at Sam Houston State University.



Director Lydia Hall
Administrative Associate III Laura Ringo
Associate Director Terri Colley
Associate Director Amy Wilson
Assistant Director - Compliance TBD
Assistant Director Kristy Mills
Accountant II


Accountant I

Janis Bradford

Accountant I

Bonnie Belmares

Coordinator Dawn Slaughter
Senior Analyst Kristal Luna
Analyst KaTarsha Walker
Processing Coordinator Lacey Kinkelaar
Senior Counselor Erin Carpenter
Counselor (Graduates and Special Populations)

Lacey Price

Counselor (Last name: A-D, I) Aaron Villemez
Counselor (E-H, O-Q) Bethany Bernal
Counselor (J-N, V, X-Z) Maria Escoto
Counselor (R-U, W) Brittany Franz
Counselor (Reports) Christine Liles
Scholarship Coordinator Lisa Namken
Verification Specialist  Zachary Pacheco
Verification Specialist

Yolanda Jamison

Verification Specialist

Holly Barecky

Verification Specialist

Marissa Zavala

Verification Support 

Kellie Lawson

Verification Support

Desiree Day

Scholarships & Defaults Amy Clouds
State Grants & BOT Jill Bergman
Workstudy & Perkins Michele Harbin
Document Management Giovanna Flores 
Document Management Shaniquwa Smith
Loan Processor Miranda Young
Loan Support

Karen Ticknor

Tech & Loan Support Taylor Henson