Financial Aid & Scholarships
Form Explanations


On this web page, you will find Financial Aid & Scholarships forms that you may download. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader on your machine in order to download them. For your convenience, you may click on the Acrobat icon below to install the latest Acrobat Reader.

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  • ACADEMIC PROGRESSThe Satisfactory Academic Progress form, commonly known as the SAP policy, details all requirements to maintain student’s aid eligibility.  When a student has not met these requirements, due to extenuating circumstances, the Financial Aid Appeal form is submitted, with proper documentation, to the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office to request re-instatement of the student’s aid.  In addition, if a student chooses to drop or withdraw from classes, Title IV aid received may need to be returned. The Return of Title IV Funds Policy explains the impact on a student's continued eligibility.


  • DEPENDENCY OVERRIDE:  By law, the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office is required to consider parental contribution for all students applying for aid.   Documentation of circumstances is required to support a dependency override request.  The circumstances presented should be such that by their serious, unpredictable, or uncontrollable nature, they warrant an exception to the rule (i.e. abuse and/or abandonment).
    • Dependency Override – Initial Request
    • Dependency Override – Continuation Request
  • SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCE:  Typically, wages earned do not fluctuate greatly from one year to another.  Extreme factors, such as the loss of a job or unexpected medical bills, can affect the student’s overall financial aid award.  Special circumstance forms are used to average out these differences and help the student receive maximum benefits.
    • Special Circumstances Form – Dependent Student
    • Special Circumstances Form – Independent Student
    • Divorce/Death of Parent – Dependent Student
    • Divorce/Death of Spouse – Independent Student
  • GRADUATE & POST BACHELORS:  These forms are used by graduate students to help the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office determine the student’s aid eligibility.
    • Program Eligibility and/or Degree Objective
    • Second Bachelor’s Degree
    • Preparatory Course Work
    • Financial Resources for Executive MBA
  • MISCELLANEOUS:  These forms are used to assist students with their financial aid package. 
    • Parent Disbursement Authorization – Parent’s authorization of PLUS loan
    • Endorser Disbursement Authorization – Co-signer’s authorization of PLUS loan
    • Qualified Education Benefit – Required for Texas Tomorrow Funds
    • Release of Information – Authorization for Financial Aid staff to provide named individuals student’s financial aid information
    • Cost of Attendance Adjustment Request – Used by Art majors to adjust the student’s cost of attendance to include software and hardware costs, required by the Art Department
    • Texas Application for State Financial Aid – English (TASFA) – SHSU’s Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships uses The Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA) to determine financial aid eligibility for students classified as Texas Residents by SHSU’s Office of Admissions.
    • Solicitud de ayuda economica estatal de Texas – Spanish (TASFA) – La Oficina de Ayuda Financiera y Becas de SHSU usa la Solicitud de Ayuda Financiera Estatal de Texas (TASFA) para determinar la elegibilidad de ayuda financiera para aquellos estudiantes clasificados como Residentes de Texas por la Oficina de Admisiones de SHSU.
  • VERIFICATIONFederal law requires aid offices to verify submitted tax information of selected students applying for aid.  The majority of these students are selected randomly by the Federal Processor.  In addition, when a student applies for a special circumstance or a dependency override, they will also be selected.  Once a student is selected, they are required to submit additional forms to the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office.  The following forms, if requested, are provided as a link in the student’s Banner Self-Service program.
    • Verification Worksheet
    • Income Tax Worksheet
    • Child Support and SNAP Worksheet
    • Untaxed Income Worksheet
    • Other items as required