Getting Your Money

Your Rights and Responsibilities

You have the right to know ...

  • Which financial aid programs are available.
  • The deadline for submitting applications for each of the programs.
  • How financial aid will be distributed, how decisions on distribution are made, and the basis for these decisions.
  • How financial need is determined. (How costs for tuition, fees, room, board, transportation, books and supplies, personal and miscellaneous expenses are considered in your budget).
  • What resources (current assets, parental contribution, other financial aid, etc.) Are considered in the calculation of need.
  • How much financial need, as determined by the institution, has been met.
  • The details of the various programs in the student aid package.
  • What portion of the financial aid is a grant and what portion is a loan that must be repaid. For a loan, the interest rate, the total amount that must be repaid, and the date repayment is to begin.

Method of Disbursement

Disbursement of funds to eligible students is made in equal installments, one in the fall and one in the spring. Loan funds are always disbursed in two payments, even if you applied for only one semester.

Funds from the Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Texas Public Educational Grant, and the Federal Perkins Loan are credited to the student's actual costs at the time of registration. If the creditable amount of aid is less than the minimum due, the student must be prepared to pay the difference.

In those cases where the amount of aid applied exceeds charges, the balance will be paid to the student through the student's Bearkat OneCard refund selection. Students have two options for receipt of funds: (a)  Deposit to an Existing Account or (b) Deposit to a BankMobile Vibe Checking Account (an optional checking account offered to students through BankMobile).  For additional information regarding disbursement methods, please view the Bearkat OneCard website.

Delayed Disbursement

Proceeds from the Federal Direct Loan may or may not be available during the late registration payment period. It depends upon whether or not the office has completed the loan certification process, which is different from being awarded a loan. It also depends on whether or not the government has processed the application and delivered the funds to SHSU. We encourage students to have alternate sources of funds available in case loan proceeds are delayed.


When a student receives more financial aid than he or she has University charges, they may be entitled to a refund.  When viewing the student's fee statement, this is indicated by a negative sign "-" preceding the total amount.  For additional information regarding refunds please view the BearKat OneCard website.


Student Eligibility

All students receiving assistance from any of the federal and state financial aid programs must meet specific program requirements. Generally, these include being enrolled on at least a half-time basis (6 semester hours), making Satisfactory Academic Progress toward the completion of a degree, and being a U.S. citizen or eligible nonresident. Transient students are not eligible for aid.

Definition of "Transient Student"

Student attending SHSU now but seeking their degrees at another institution. (For example a student attending SHSU only during summer sessions) .

Withdrawing or Dropping Below 6 Semester Credit Hours

Withdrawing or dropping courses during the school year may result in accelerated repayment of financial aid. Withdrawing during the fall semester will result in the cancellation of spring financial assistance. Furthermore, dropping below six (6) semester hours may render applicants ineligible for funds not yet disbursed. For detailed information, refer to the Financial Aid Refund Policy.

Changing Schools

Financial aid does not automatically go with you when changing schools. You should contact the financial aid office at the new school as soon as you decide to transfer.

Where to Get Information

Key Advice

As a SHSU Bearkat, take advantage of all the programs, workshops, and publications available to you through FAO. Preparation and knowledge are the keys to any successful financial aid applicant! If you have questions, ask! We are here to serve.

The Financial Aid Office (FAO) at SHSU offers students information explaining financial aid and which form of aid they qualify to receive. Applying for financial aid can sometimes be a lengthy and confusing process, but SHSU offers several programs and publications to help students make sense of it all!



If it’s printed information you're after, FAO has that too! The Funding your Education Beyond High School (U.S. Dept. Of Education) is an excellent source for details on federal financial aid programs and the application process.

Interested in scholarships? SHSU Scholarship Information. Note: Applications for a scholarships at SHSU are unrelated to the application for financial aid.



During Financial Aid Literacy Week in February, the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office promotes understanding of financial aid and the application process. Counselors are on hand to answer questions, as well as help applicants complete their financial aid applications.

Financial Aid & Scholarships also disseminates financial aid information and updates through the SHSU radio and television stations, which highlight facts and tips for students throughout the week.


Loan Counseling Programs

Pre-loan Counseling and Exit Counseling are two of the best programs to help students understand Federal Student loans. They are both offered online and are available year-round.

You MUST complete a pre-loan session before your loan information may be processed and guaranteed.