Semester Loans Information

Semester Loans Information

Who May Apply for Tuition & Fees Semester Loans:

Semester loans (Tuition & Fees and Book) are open to all SHSU students who meet the eligibility requirements.  Students must register for classes before applying for the loan AND University charges (tuition & fees, and related expenses) must be in installments during long semesters.


Tuition & Fees:

Loans for tuition & fees are available for each installment based on the availability of funding. The amount of the loan is calculated at the time of application. Schedule changes may require additional tuition & fees loans.


Tuition & Fees Loan Eligibility Requirements:

  • 2.0 GPA (3.0 for Graduate Students)
  • No outstanding balances for the semester (i.e. police/library fines)
  • No University holds
  • Enrolled in at least one (1) hour of classes


Tuition & Fees Loan Interest Charges:

Students will be charged a 5% per annum interest charge over the loan period.


Charges Included in a Tuition & Fees Semester Loan:

Tuition & Fees loans cover current charges only.


Short-term Book Loans:

These loans will be available to all SHSU who meet the eligibility requirements and have a COMPLETED Financial Aid file.  Loans are disbursed directly to the student for book purchase. 


Short-term Book Loan Eligibility Requirements:

Students must be enrolled in at least six (6) hours of classes.


Short-term Loan Interest Charges:

Students will be charged a 10% per annum interest charge over the loan period.  An additional $30.00 will be charged if any payment is late.


Where to apply for a Semester Loan:  SAM Web